Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Ads You'll Never See in 2016

by Connie Cortright

Someone posted this retro ad in the kitchen at my office. I immediately thought of my blog since it looks like it was originally from the 20s or 30s. My co-worker purchased it as a joke for our kitchen, but my thought was to make this into a blog posting. Guess I've been doing this too long.

I decided to add some other early twentieth century advertisements that would never be published today to round out this post. I hope you enjoy them.

I don't think we'd use Santa Claus to sell cigarettes these days.

Children would never be allowed to play with a gun today. Parents would be shot if that happened.

Which of you men would say this to your wife? And live to tell about it at least!

Rather sexist wouldn't you say???

I don't think my daughters-in-law would agree with this one.

Does this ever happen in your neighborhood?

Was this on your Christmas wish-list this year?

Political correctness certainly has changed our world!

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