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Guide Me Home During the Roaring Twenties, Emma Ehlke leaves her Wisconsin farm home to take up a new teaching position at a parochial school in the city. Excitement races through her because she's finally leaving her sheltered rural life, but fear of the unknown isn't far behind. She meets dashing young Freddie from next door who takes it upon himself to acquaint her with city life in the jazz age. At the same time, the new pastor of her church, Neil Hannemann, also wants to take her under his wing, but in a completely different way. Emma struggles with herself when she's torn between the novelty of the adventures offered by Freddie and his friends and the godly path in which Pastor Hannemann wants to guide her. Which path will she finally choose?

Lead Me Home : Hunger. Unemployment, Homelessness. Realities of life during the Depression. Maggie Ehlke, thrust into this reality, is forced to leave her parents’ home to live in Dubuque with her sister Emma Hannemann. All she wants from life is to have a home and family of her own. Instead, she’s sent to care for Emma's older children upon the arrival of twins. She learns contentment in her sister’s house caring for the children, but after several months, the Hannemanns can no longer afford to feed Maggie. She is hired out to the widower Albert Halverson to take care of his house and raise the younger children of the family. Maggie finds herself mothering three young girls while running the household for Albert's four older sons. The oldest son, Romy, plagued with agonizing shyness, dreams of escaping his life and seeing the country, but his mother’s death cuts his dream short and brings Miss Maggie into his life. He has to overcome his debilitating timidity and struggles with his conflicted feelings about the abundantly talkative Maggie. Overwhelmed with her new life in the Halverson household, Maggie doesn’t have patience with the ever-stammering Romy. Can they overcome the obstacles that keep them at odds?

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